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Post Summer Show And A Sign of Things To Come

Hey BDRmy! First off, let me appologize for not keeping this site up to date. We're working on a bunch of stuff for the the near future, one of which is building better guts for this site so we can expand the BDR experience here on line. (More on that soon) Second thing....we have a show coming up on September 8th at a cool spot in Chino, CA called Happy's. This is our first show ever in the Inland Empire, So let's make it a good one! More info here.

we have also recently been in the studio! We have been hard at work recording our first song with this current lineup (I know, it only took a year and a half). We accept your scorn, but the song sounds great and we can't wait for you all to hear it. We're also planing to release the song on iTunes! This will be the first song we've had on itunes since 2006 when we released "The Death of Roy." So stay tuned here, to our facebook, or our twitter for the release date!

Rock on BDRmy, and we'll see you al on the 8th in Chino!

-Posted by BDR 6:52 pm 08/28/12

New shows and new songs take us into the second half of the year

Hey there BDRmy! as you may have read on our twitter account (@BDRrocks) today, we're a little behind schedule on our promised new song for this month. We hit a small snag involving scheduling and technology, but we are happy to say that we have made significant progress on two of the four songs we had set out to lay down. They just aren't quite finished at this time. While we don't have a polished new song to give you, we will make available demo versions of two of the songs we're in the process of finishing. That way you can see the progress that's been made when the final versions are released. And you can get an idea of what you'll hear at our live shows later this month.

Speaking of which, we are playing back to back shows in Southern California at the end of this month. July 27th we'll be at Di Piazza in Long Beach. We've Partnered with Ascension Entertainment for this show where we're opening up for a great local metal band named Haster. We go on just before them (around 9pm) so stick around to catch their set. Then in case you miss that show, or you just can't get enough BDR, we'll be pumping music at you in Anaheim the very next night July 28th 8pm at the famed Doll Hut. Both sets will be different, and memorable, so if you miss them you'll have...well you'll have missed them. And you'll miss a brand new song.

See you at the shows! Enjoy the tunes!

-Posted by BDR 9:25 pm 7/6/11

Welcome To BroughtDownRunning.com

This is the official web site for the best band you've never heard, Brought Down Running. Here you can catch up on all the latest news, download our songs, check out flyers and details to upcoming show, or contact us trough our face book and twitter links. We're thrilled you're here and we'd like to keep you coming back, so let us fill you in on some of the things you'll find here on the site.

The home tab will be your source for all the latest in depth info from the band. You'll get updates to shows, cool press, answers to you're questions, info on our musical projects, and new songs available for download. Speaking of songs available for download, we've already got a few up on our music page so be sure to check them out.

The music tab, well that's pretty self explanatory. We're doing things a little differently as far as releasing our music. As you'll see the music is separated into two sections. the first is the best and most current recordings. The second is pretty much everything else. Pretty much anything we record will end up here, whether its just the instrumental version, first vocal version, classic bdr, or just something that doesn't quite fit our regular repertoire. And just for you, we're gonna release something new every month! That's right, a new song free to download every month. So stay tuned for more info.

The shows tab will show you the latest show flyers that are linked to our facebook events page where you can get all the venue info.

The about us tab has our bio and list of our line up. Next to our names we'll put links to our individual sites and eventually we'll have individual member bios.

Thanks for taking the time to visit BroughtDownRunning.com. Check back for updates, or better yet, follow the links to the right and "like" us on face book and follow us on twitter to get up to the minute updates. And tell all your friends, hell tell random people on the street, that they are missing out on the best band they've never heard, Brought Down Running!

-Posted by BDR 10:20 pm 5/18/11



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